Evaluating business purchases and start ups

For new clients were are often involved with evaluating business purchases and start ups proposals.

Our services may include:-

1. If considering buying a business or franchise, decide whether the purchase price is realistic or give negotiating tips to obtain a lower price;
2. Apportioning the agreed price in a tax-efficient way, i.e. changing the split of the total price between goodwill, fixtures & fittings, property, etc;
3. Prepare business plan, forecasts and projections;
4. Decide what finance is required and help to apply for loans, etc;
5. Decide whether to purchase as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, and whether to take over an existing limited company or form a new one;
6. Decide whether to register for VAT upon purchase, later, or not at all, and if so, the pros and cons of taking over the sellers’ VAT registration;
7. Consider the impacts of taking on a going concern in terms of liabilities and obligations;
8. Setting up book-keeping and accounting systems;

Contact us for more details of our services in these areas.