Finance director and management accountant services

For larger and growing businesses, we offer a range of finance director and management accountant services where we work more closely with the business owners and management, typically on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Philip has spent several years working very closely with a number of companies whose growth or complexity required specialist help with contracts, raising finance, reconstructions, forecasting, management accounts, systems installation, etc.

Finance Director Services

Growing businesses can’t afford their own in-house finance director, yet have day to day needs for specialist advice. We can act as your “surrogate finance director” and help in the following areas:-

1. Attendance at meetings with bankers, investors, suppliers and customers to support finance related discussions;
2. Reviewing financial and tax implications of contracts, leases, and other legal agreements;
3. Helping you to understand your “numbers” by interpreting and explaining forecasts and management accounts;

Management Accounting Services

Larger and fast growing businesses need up to date and relevant information to help them monitor progress, control costs, manage cash, and control stock levels. Depending upon your needs, we can:-

1. Prepare monthly or quarterly management accounts;
2. Prepare a range of Key performance indicators (KPI’s);
3. Prepare and update forecasts and projections;
4. Create stock control systems;
5. Create job costing systems;
6. Prepare pricing strategies;
7. Monitor and control customer invoices and debts;
8. Install financial reporting systems.

Contact us for more details as to how we can help you grow and control your business finances.