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Self Employed Travel Expenses

As a self-employed trader, do you diligently record the mileage for every business journey you take? This attention to detail is necessary to convince HMRC that the cost of the journey is tax deductible. There are several apps which can

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Tax Cuts & Cliff Edges

There was good news for individual taxpayers in the Budget; the personal allowance will rise from £11,850 to £12,500 on 6 April 2019. This will provide taxpayers on the basic rate (20%) with an income tax saving of £130 per

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Tax Data 2019/2020

All figures are annual amounts (For English taxpayers) Allowances Personal allowance £12,500 Allowance withdrawn from £100,000 Transferable marriage allowance £1,250 Trading income £1,000 Property income £1,000 Rent-a-room £7,500Tax on earnings Earnings to £37,500 20% £37,501 to £150,000 40% Over £150,000

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